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25 October 2010 @ 07:45 am
  • Seth Nightlord's fanlisting is up! She is a wishlister so the approval really makes me happy spazzy. :'D Sadly I was tortured by workload of assignments and such, so I had to make it fast and there goes a brand new simple layout. The shrine portion is no longer a one-paged because it doesn't work and I still feel verbose about Seth. Will post new articles sometime later! Also, I haven't posted in the boards, but if you were a member in the previously approved fanlisting, please do rejoin! TB affiliates are welcome, too!
  • Raison d'Etre recently got a October 2010 SotM award from amassment ! I want to thank you all for your support, and reikane  specifically for the nomination. :3 It's always nice to see people appreciate my work! I've been working on a layout for a separate media section and make some fanfics, so I hope to add them to the site hopefully by the end of this month. But yeah, no promises. :x
  • I still have upcomings on TFL. and definetely can't resist applying for other 2. WHERE IS MY HIATUS.
Oh, btw, this is citren_acidz 's new account. In case I missed you, please readd me and I'll add back. :3
09 September 2010 @ 12:19 am
 Er, I'm still on hiatus. I KNOW. But amassment 's latest layout marathon made me do this.

version 3. Back to Basics

Too lazy to make a banner. Just like the theme of the layout marathon, Back to Basics, the layout itself is very simple. Done in MS Paint, and once again, features my own drawing. The drawing process, once again, is the part which takes the longest time. I had the wrong idea of this marathon's concept, I didn't think that you can copy/paste images. The drawing was halfway done when I realized and I decided to go on with it, and in the end, I'm quite happy of it. :'D /loves on tablet

  • Rearranged the contents.
  • Any information regarding the Innocence is finally back up!
  • A few pages were rewritten, and a new article has been added.
I'm annoyed by the way my writings were done in the past, so I will definitely work on them sometime after college started--I will leave for Jakarta for a few days and afterwards, it's just assignment, assignment, and more assignment. The reason I'm posting today is mostly because of the new layout. That said, more in-depth contents to come, as well--it seems very small right now. O_O
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07 August 2010 @ 10:28 am
 Someone needs to remind me that hiatus =/= productivity.

version 9 - this much is true

After more than one and a half year, the domain has finally been given a facelift. Sadly, it serves as an official hiatus announcement. I admit I've been disappearing for a long while even without "hiatus" notification, I'm sorry. But this time, I guess I should make it official. Really, I know how it feels to go to a website and then thinks: "Why is it not updated yet?" This way, you won't expect much updates... I guess.
  • The header features my own artwork of Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee (OTP is love~) It has been sitting there since the end of 2009, actually, but I kept changing the ideas between this layout and the OTP one. This layout belonged to the shrine at first, but then I decided to switch.
  • Contact page has been revamped as well! :D
  • New hostees.
  • Cleaned up the links. I no longer emphasis the link exchanges. Also, this time I don't separate affiliates and siblings, because... there are some people I truly cherish and would consider sibling, but maybe it's rather one-sided. XD But yes, I love you all. ♥

Miss Independent
Seth Nightlord of Trinity Blood

A new shrine! This project was mentioned since 2009, but I never worked on it until there was this One Page, One Month shrine marathon at amassment. (I originally planned shrining a relationship from TV show, but then changed the subject to this, then thought to resign after writing stupidly, then finally worked on it.) Seth is my second favourite female animanga character to Lenalee, and I have a lot of things to say about her. Consider this a start of something bigger.


Fanlistings time! One new site, two new layouts.

  • Presenting: Natalie Rushman from Iron Man 2! Her actions were captivating~ *_* The layout was rushed as the due date came closer, but it has yet to be on TFL since I had problems with the finished form. OTL
  • The layout for Kamui/Kotori was made for the OTP shrine marathon at amassment , which I didn't manage to do. It has been moved to a new subdomain, and there's a title change, as well.
  • As for Hoshino Katsura... her style has changed so much, so I think the old layout is too... OLD and so not me. I think the new one represents my style a little better. The simplicity makes me sad, though. :(
  • I forgot to mention, but some of my fanlistings have been either closed or adopted out. A few other subjects are also considered up for adoption. My fanlistings collective has been updated to reflect the changes.

Well, I guess that is all. I'm content that I have accomplished all of my vacation project. Uni starts on Monday, so I think my productivity ends today. :3 I will keep checking my emails and twitter... and sometimes LJ. I'll see you around. ♥
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